Made To Eat.

We are Fripper’s, an artisan wholesale meat supplier. We craft hot dogs and other specialty sausages.

It’s time to stop measuring food’s worth in dollars and likes.

Does it taste good?

Our mission is to uphold traditional standards of the past, while breathing new life into artisan meats in modern, creative ways.

Artfully crafted,
one link at a time.

We entrust the manufacturing of our products to two family-owned firms that have been producing exceptional products since the 1920’s.

Let's Be Better,



Our meats are expertly crafted with a short list of fresh ingredients and spices.



With 40+ years behind the line, we know what chefs are looking for, and we deliver!



We offer a lineup of artisanal sausages that are crafted to please every palate.

Made By Chefs.
Preferred By Chefs.

Devoured by All.

“Is it a good hot dog?
That’s all I want to know.”

Anthony Bourdain

Better Quality. Better Service.

Let's Do Better, Together.

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